March 18, 2017
BC Boys High School Basketball All-Star Game
BC High School Boys Basketball All-Star Game Saturday April 8th, RC palmer Secondary School (8160 St. Albans Road, Richmond) *3 point contest opening round 2:15 – Max 2 players per school can enter, contact Brad Thornhill to register: *Dunk Contest opening round 3:15 – Contact Jon Kinman to register: 1A / 2A All-Star Game 5:00pm 3A / 4A All-Star Game 7:30pm *Coaches may nominate a player from their team or any other team who is in grade 12 (Note – All players in grade 12 who were selected to the 1st or 2nd all-star teams or MVP’s at the BC’s receive an automatic invitation) Please send your nominations to Paul Eberhardt at Go to Downloads in the Coaches Menu to view nomination forms and contest entry forms.
February 5, 2017
BCHSBBA Provincial Tournament Berths 2016-2017
Fraser Valley 7
Lower Mainland 3
Howe Sound 1
Van island 2
Okanagan 1
Kootenay 1
North Central 1
North West 0

Fraser Valley 4
Lower Mainland 4
Howe Sound 1
Van Island 4
Okanagan 1
Kootenay 0
North Central 1
North West 1

Fraser Valley 3
Lower Mainland 3
Howe Sound 1
Van Island 3
Okanagan 3
Kootenay 1
North Central 1
North West 1

Fraser Valley 3
Lower Mainland 1.5
Howe Sound 1
Van Island 2
Okanagan 3
Kootenay 1.5
North Central 3
North West 1
January 25, 2017
Declaration Deadlines for Two-Year Cycle
Attention All Coaches and Schools
The BCHSBBA will be sending out the numbers for the new two- year tiering cycle this week. Teams are allowed to ‘move up’ to a higher tier if they choose. Please note that the deadlines for declaring if you want to move up has been extended by one week due to us getting the official ministry numbers a little later than expected.
If you have any questions please contact the BCHSBBA President, Paul Eberhardt February 10 First deadline for declaration of teams wanting to move up to a higher tier for the new two-year cycle (2017-2018 & 2018 -2019) February 24 Final deadline for declaration of teams wanting to move up to a higher tier for the new two-year cycle (2017- 2018 & 2018- 19)
December 13, 2016
New Website

The BC High School Boys basketball Association is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. The revamp of our website came about as a results of feedback from coaches and other interested high school boys basketball supporters who completed our survey last year in March. We have done our best to make the website as user friendly as possible and we are hopeful that Sr. boys basketball coaches across the Province will enjoy the changes we have made. The website has several new features and a very fresh up to date look. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the website using the “contact” tab in the top right.

Some of the new / updated features include:

1. A new updated scroll of scores in the top left which will feature up to 4 scores at a time and an arrow button to click on to move through the scores at your own pace
2. A new section profiling BC High School players who have played in the NBA
3. An easier design to find teams, rosters, etc. All teams are now sorted by zone across the top with a drop down menu for each zone and tier in that zone
4. A rankings tab at the top to easily access the most up to date rankings for all tiers
5. An easy to use ‘Calendar’ feature. When you go in to a zone the calendar tab will appear on the left side and when you click on it you will then be able to see a calendar with all the games in that zone for that month.
6. A new Message Board feature for coaches and members to leave notices and have discussions on important topics. In the past messages for the message board (notice board) had to be submitted but now coaches can do this on their own. In the top right there is a tab for “message board.” When you click on this you will be taken to the BC High School Boys Basketball Association message board on Pro Boards. You will then need to register an account which is very easy to do and will only take a minute. Once you are registered feel free to leave your messages and announcements. Please encourage anybody who is involved in boys basketball to use the message board feature and of course visit our website on a daily basis.

Coaches we need your cooperation, send your schedules to and so all your games are posted on the website. After each game we need you to log in and enter your game scores. The website is only as good as the data you help us to input.
November 30, 2016
Roster Registration and Schedule Submission Deadlines
Coaches and Athletic Directors please be aware that the deadline for registering your team roster on this website and submission of schedules to or is Friday Dec. 9 2016. Many teams have not registered their rosters and submitted their schedules.
November 30, 2016
The Baden BC High School Boys Basketball Game of the Week 2016-2017
Thu Dec 8th SMU vs. Terry Fox at the VC Emerald Tournament 5:30
Thu Dec 15th Semiahmoo at Walnut Grove 1:45
Fri Dec 16th Rod Thomson Tournament Final at Burnaby South 8:00
Sat Dec 17th Gary Taylor Tournament Final at Oak Bay TBA
Sat Jan 7th Legal Beagle Tournament Final at Terry Fox 7:30
Tue Jan 10th Kitsilano at Lord Byng 7:30
Thu Jan 19th St John’s Jam Tournament TBA
Wed Jan 25th St Georges at Walnut Grove 1:00
Sat Feb 4th St Thomas More vs. Steveston-London at Langara 5:00
Sat Feb 4th Western Canada Tournament Final in Kelowna 7:45
Fri Feb 10th Vancouver 2A/3A Championship Game TBA
Thu Feb 23rd “3A” Island Championships 1st round at Vic High 1:30pm